Violent Cop ( 1989 )

The History of movies is filled with Cops like Dirty Harry, Martin Riggs and John McClane. Men who bend or brake the rules of law enforcement in order to serve the greater good. However these films take place in a heightened Action Movie reality where the worst that can happen to the heroes is being chewed out by a police captain and a brief supposition ( with pay no less )

What if someone made a movie about a Detective that refused to bend his own moral code when dealing with organised crime, regardless of the consequences for him and those around him.

But the film took place in a grounded reality closer to our own?

Lucky for us that film was made in 1989 by Takeshi ” Beat ” Kitano, and it is…


In the 80’s Takeshi Katano was part of a comedy duo called ” the Two Beats ” , Hence his Acting Name “Beat Takeshi”. After staring in a string of successful films he was hired to star in Violent cop.

When the original director quit, the producers offered Takeshi the chance to rewrite and direct it himself. They hoped he would make a light action comedy…

That was not the case.

Detective Azuma is an anti-social , violent and general unlikable Tokyo police officer, He attacks his job with an almost religious zeal.

His only two relationships are his only friend / co-worker Iwaki and his mentally handicapped sister.

When his sister is kidnapped by the gang Azuma has refused to stop pursuing, they are forced to deal with the consequences of attacking a man who would rather die than compromise.

Violent Cop Is available online and on Blu-ray.

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