Twitch of the Death Nerve ( 1971 )

Horror fans have debated for years weither Mario Bava’s 1971 shocker TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE aka BAY OF BLOOD aka CARNAGE aka BLOOD BATH aka ECOLOGIA DEL DELITTO , was ripped off during the creation of the FRIDAY THE 13TH films ( particularly 1 & 2 ) .

Either way one thing we can all agree on is this movie is awesome !

The story is simple a rich family owns most of the expensive real estate around Bay off the coast of Italy , and someone in the family is bumping off their relatives in the hope of being the one to inherit all the land …

This plan is going great until a group of teenagers show up .

This film bridges the gap from the Gaillo films that were made in Italy starting in the 60’s and leads to the Slasher films that ruled the movie screens in the 80’s.

If you subscribe to Shudder you can stream TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE now.

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