Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead ( 1995)

Its almost impossible to explain the effect that PULP FICTION had on 90’s Pop culture. It seemed like a week or so after it’s release there were people trying to replicate the cool factor that Tarantino had tapped into with that film.

Nowhere was this more evident than in crime films. Over the next six years there was a wave “Too Cool for school” Gangster films, most of which have now been forgotten.

However in 1995 a movie was released which I believe, deserves a second look.

Andy Garcia at the peak of his coolness plays ” Jimmy the Saint”. A former mobster trying rather unsuccessfully to go straight. His Video Production business is barreling toward bankruptcy.

Not to mention that his former boss, a terrifying wheelchair bound crime lord only known as ” The Man with the Plan ” is insisting on Jimmy returning to work for him.

With no other options Jimmy agrees to the job and enlists his old crew, all of whom have also gone straight and like Jimmy really need the money!

This is where the film unveils its secret weapon, a murderers row of great character actors. Four guys who always increase the quality of any movie they’re in.

You’ve got…

William Forsythe as “Big Bear Franchise”

Bill Nunn as “Easy Wind”

Christopher Lloyd as “Pieces”

and Treat Williams as “Critical Bill ”

Williams is without a doubt the MVP, he goes full throttle for every second that he’s on screen!

He is Godzilla and you are Japan!

The thing that gets me every time I watch this film, is the huge amount of heart it has. There is a sweetness and believably to the friendship that these five guys share.

So if you’re looking for a offbeat Gangster movie, you might wanna give THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD a shot.

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