The Night Comes for us ( 2018)

You know we Action movie junkies are a jaded lot. Constantly having to wade through a never ending swamp of terrible films that relay on Too much CGI, shaky handheld camera work and Recycled characters and plots.

So when we find that bloody diamond in the rough, we latch on too it and won’t shut up about it for months

…. that being said!

This movie isn’t fucking around!

“The Night Comes for us” is my FUCKING SHIT!!!!

I love this movie SO much that I can tell you without a doubt its my favorite movie of 2018!

The story is simple, a mob enforcer refuses to kill a little girl and has to fight his was through the crime infested streets of Jakarta, to save her life and maybe his own soul.

As Much as I love the action ( and I do ! ) its the characters that really put this movie over the top.

In particular Julie Estelle as the Operator who is ” Empire strikes back, Boba Fett ” level cool. I guarantee with in two years Miss Estelle will be staring in American Movies.

Why are you still reading this ? you should be heading to NETFLIX to watch The Night Comes for us RIGHT NOW!

Unless you’re at work then just wait until you get home, because you’ll definitely get fired!

Happy New Year MOFO’S !

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