The Last Minute ( 2001 )

In 1998 British special effects artists/ filmmaker Stephen Norrington directed Blade, The First successful Live action adaptation of a Marvel Comics Character.

I’d imagine after that he had his pick of big budget projects to chose from.

Instead he went back to England and made the Last Minute.

The Last Minute (2001)

This isn’t a film that lends itself to being described in a quick Paragraph.

That having been said …

Its about a young man who think success will make him happy and when it doesn’t .

His life spirals out of control.

Way out of control!

If you’re still unsure if you wanna see this movie, I’ll just give you a quick highlight list of things this movie contains.

1- A Crime Boss who spontaneously bursts into song.

2- A nightclub where people go to get unnecessary surgery

3- Surprise Udo Kier

4- A man whose body is riddled with tumors ( whose the most up beat character in the movie )

5- A little half rat , half dog monster

6- Surprise Stephen Dorff

7- The worlds most Psychotic Cab Driver

8- Lots of Heroin

Unfortunately it’s not streaming anywhere , but you can get the DVD for a decent price.


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