The King Of the Kickboxers(1991)

To say that this film is a Ripoff of the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme Film ” Kickboxer ” would be a bit of a understatement.

But let me ask you this…

Does “Kickboxer” Have a Criminal syndicate that makes ” Kung Fu Snuff Films” where people get hung on Meat Hooks ?

I thought not!

When Jake Donahue ( Loren Avedon ) was a teenager his older brother was Beaten to death in Thailand by a Martial arts master Named Khan ( the Creator of Tae-bo himself Billy Blanks ), after he refused to throw a fight.

Now a NYPD Detective, Jake is working on a undercover drug bust that goes wrong.

After a the standard session of being chewed-out by his grouchy police captain, He’s offed the chance to go undercover for Interpol to stop a gang that makes Action films with a catch… the deaths are real!

Just when Jake is about to turn the mission down , he sees that the star of the films is none other than Khan himself!

After flying to Thailand and unsuccessfully trying to infiltrate the underground fight scene.
Jake meets up with Prang the only fighter ever to knock Khan off his feet.

The only problem is Prang isn’t so much a ” Drunken Master ” as a Master Kickboxer who is also a Drunk, But after a Epic training sequence Jake is ready to face Khan and his Destiny!

What follows is one of the most dynamic final fights in 90’s action cinema. Which takes place in an awesome Bamboo Dome Of Death!

BTW Capcom 100% stole Billy Blanks Likeness for the character Dee Jay from Street Fighter 2.

Even though the script is unoriginal and there is is enough Overacting to embarrass Eric Roberts. The King of the Kickboxers is never dull and the action is fast and brutal!

Also if you have AMAZON PRIME you can watch it for no extra cost, so you don’t like it … Go Fuck Your’self !


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