The Exterminator ( 1980 )

You often hear people say ” you could never make this movie today! “. In the case of the 1980 Revenge thriller the Exterminator, they’re right!

The film opens during the Vietnam war with two best friends , John Eastland and Michael Jefferson being rescued . The only survivors of a violent ambush.

Years later they both work in the warehouse district of New York City.

Michael is married with kids, while John has never quite adjusted to civilian life. One day Michael is attacked by members of a street gang and left paralyzed from the neck down.

At first John only goes out looking for revenge, but with each kill he finds his blood lust grows !

Yes, that’s a industrial sized Meat Grinder !

If you’d like an action movie with a side of Sleaze, then I can’t recommend the Exterminator enough !

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