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The Night Comes for us ( 2018)

You know we Action movie junkies are a jaded lot. Constantly having to wade through a never ending swamp of terrible films that relay on Too much CGI, shaky handheld camera work and Recycled characters and plots. So when we find that bloody diamond in the rough, we latch on too it and won’t shut […]

Episode 10 – Somebody Call DSS

  Steven Spielberg’s first Television movie is the Midnight Drive In review.  We learn that Garrick’s 11 year old son is watching films he shouldn’t and he will never know what it was like when you only watched movies WHEN YOU WENT TO THE MOVIES.  The boys’ discuss just how cool the 80’s were for […]

Midnight Drive In – Episode 7 – 12 Years & 25th Hours

The boys screen Spike Lee’s latest BlacKKKlansman and discuss Oscar bias’, racial bias’ and what is considered trophy worthy.  They warn Mark of Happiness, laugh at Garrick for crying and give you some nuggets of Netflix watchables.  Doug and Garrick have their thoughts on the film, “Get Out.” Thanks for tuning in.  The Midnight Drive […]

Episode 4 – There’s Always Barber College

  The boys review Nick Cage’s new film, Mandy while discussing his best and worst films. The children and horror film debate continues. Garrick realizes he is hosting a show about films and can’t pronounce foreign directors and actors’ names. Time for an education. Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse is spotlighted in The Drive In Revisit and […]