Splinter ( 2008 )

Monster Movies are the easiest type of movie to do wrong and the hardest to do right.

The History of film is loaded with cheap , poorly made Creature features that were forgotten by the audience as soon as the movie was over.

However sometimes good movies fall through the cracks as well.

Splinter has a simple premise…

a small group of people are trapped in a deserted gas station.

By infectious an life form that jumps from person to person via cactus like needles.

It combines the bare bones storytelling of early Carpenter with inventive special effects and truly scary monster.

That keeps coming for you no matter how much of it you destroy.


If you’re looking for a unique monster movie , I’d give Splinter a look.

Splinter is available to stream or rent online. https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/splinter

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