Seraphim Falls ( 2006 )

It’s strange that a movie with two big stars could fall through the cracks , but that’s exactly what happened in 2006.

Seraphim Falls feels like it takes place in the same world that 1973 Clint Eastwood film High Plains .

Violent , Beautiful and Vaguely supernatural.

This film may have been too odd to ever really achieve Mainstream success, but it does deserve to have a bigger audience.

Like a lot of westerns its a revenge tale, unlike most of them, both men in the cat and mouse game are given equal screen time and equal amount of the Audiences sympathy.

That having been said its Brosnan’s movie.

He’s never been better or cooler. Which is saying something considering he was James Bond for ten years.

He comes across as more of a Bad ass here, than he ever did as 007.

so if you’re looking for a western that a little different than your normal Horse Oprea .

Give Seraphim Falls a shot !

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