Rigor Mortis (2013)

Vampires are by far the most popular movie monster, Dracula himself has appeared in over 200 films, but there is a type of vampire that is not as well known…

The hopping Vampire ( or Jiangshi ) has mainly terrorized cinema screens on the island of Hong Kong.

Which is a shame , because these films are awesome! However the period setting and dense Taoist mythology might turn some new viewers off.

Which brings us to 2013’s Rigor Mortis . Directed by former pop star Juno Mak, this film is Homage to the Hopping Vampire genre and great place for new viewers to jump in.

The film stars Chin Sui-Ho ( one of the stars of the Mr. Vampire films from the 80’s ) as a fictional version of himself.

A washed up actor, who moves into a rundown apartment building in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately for him the building is cursed. It has Ghosts , a Dark Taoist priest and a Vampire.

The residents need someone who has experience fighting the supernatural …

even if its only in the movies!

RIGOR MORTIS is streaming on Shudder and is available to rent online .


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