Raw Meat ( 1972 )

Most old school British Horror films tended to focus on either Gothic castles and creatures from classic literature or occult thrillers set in the English countryside.

However in the early 1970’s an american documentary filmmaker brought British horror into the twentieth century and away from the supernatural, With a tale of modern day cannibals ( two years before the Texas Chainsaw massacre, no less ). With Raw Meat aka Death line ( its UK title )

Late one night in London, college student Patrica and her boyfriend Alex stumble upon a man laying unconscious on the floor of a subway platform. When they return with a police officer, the mans body is missing. Alex wants to let it go but Patrica insists on looking for the missing man.

After Patrica goes missing , Alex is forced into action. Only to find that its more than a simple case of kidnapping, but the work of the last of a family of subterranean Cannibals that live in tunnels beneath the city.

Only the cannibal doesn’t want Patrica, for his dinner but for his mate!

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