The Stranger and the Gunfighter ( 1976 )

twards the end of the Usually this is where I write something something to convince you to check this movie out … but if this trailer didn’t do the trick, I don’t think there is anything I can say to change your mind. THE STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER is streaming on Amazon Prime, although […]

Episode 43 -Lemonsquint Sourwegger

The boys are drinking and smoking and watching Shazam! Getting crazy on the Store this week when Zellweger and Appaloosa are on the chopping block. Shenanigans and the Good, the Bad and the Weird are going down this week. FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE presents…. Apple iTunes Spreaker YouTube Our Facebook Page Our […]

Seraphim Falls ( 2006 )

It’s strange that a movie with two big stars could fall through the cracks , but that’s exactly what happened in 2006. Seraphim Falls feels like it takes place in the same world that 1973 Clint Eastwood film High Plains . Violent , Beautiful and Vaguely supernatural. This film may have been too odd to […]

King Kong Vs. Frankenstein : The greatest Monster Movie never made!

Film History is full of movies that never got made. Kubrick’s ” Napoleon “ Jodorowsk’s ” Dune ” Burton’s ” Superman Lives “ However None of those movies had a 50 foot Frankenstein fighting King Kong ! Which is why I’m not writing about them. King Kong may have been conceived and directed by Merian […]

Episode 40 – I Have the Powwweerrr!

Ssssssssssssshhh! Can the boys come out of the Monster rut with this Snake to Human tale of transformation. The King Cobra’s are out, He Man has the power and Lee talks other snake movies on this week’s Tales!!!! THE MAD TEA PARTY PRESENTS….. Apple iTunes Spreaker YouTube Our Facebook Page Our […]

Orange & Black: the Crestwood Monster books

For some reason the Library at Boiling Springs Elementary school, had a excellent book case full of what you could refer to as Nerd Fuel! One shelf was full of 60’s era Marvel comics in large hard bound volumes. Directly below that was a shelf of thin orange and black hard backs called the Crestwood […]