To live and die in L.A. ( 1985 )

A lot of people’s Favorite William Friedkin movie is either ” the French Connection” or “the Exorcist, … But for me its his 1985 crime film TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA. You can grab the awesome looking Blu-Ray right here.

A Bittersweet life ( 2005 )

Master genre filmmaker Jee-woon Kim’s second film “A Bittersweet Life ” is the story of a lovestuck hitman who will do anything to protect to woman he loves, even though he’s only met her once. You can stream this beast on Amazon prime!

Color out of Space ( 2020)

In the mid 90’s Director Richard Stanley attempted to film his dream project a R rated adaptation of H.G. Wells “The Island of Dr. Moreau” . If you’ve seen the great documentary ” Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau ” you know it didn’t go well. Now after a […]

Episode 62 – The Sleeping Pill

Ari Aster’s mushroom tea pagan duplicate Midsommar is on the chopping block after Doug’s request to do this movie. He gets exactly what he had planned for as the foul language and loaded opinions fly in this rip fest. Apple iTunes Spreaker YouTube Our Facebook Page Our Facebook Group Sponsors […]

Episode 61 – Babblebunch Cumberbund

Drinking and Detective work is the name of the game on this episode. Small Town Crime gets an exclusive while Dough botches names, Lee botches Ari Aster and Garrick botches the Aaron Hernandez Investigation. Oscar Snubbs and Movie Flubs are jam packed in this week’s TVS! Check it out. THE MAD TEA PARTY PRESENTS….. Apple […]

Manager’s Pick for Episode #61

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice In a California beach community, private detective Larry “Doc” Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) tends to work his cases through a smoky haze of marijuana. One day, Shasta, a former lover, arrives out of the blue to plead for Doc’s help; it seems that Shasta’s current beau, rich real-estate tycoon Mickey Wolfmann, […]