Episode 10 – The Lost Session – Doug’s Kill List Review

This was the original recording of Episode 10 but something happened 16 minutes in and the last hour was not recorded. The boys decided to cut their losses on the show and take a week off where Garrick completely rebuilt and engineered the studio to be “problem free.” When they re-recorded Doug did not want […]

Episode 10 – Somebody Call DSS

  Steven Spielberg’s first Television movie is the Midnight Drive In review.  We learn that Garrick’s 11 year old son is watching films he shouldn’t and he will never know what it was like when you only watched movies WHEN YOU WENT TO THE MOVIES.  The boys’ discuss just how cool the 80’s were for […]

The Death of Stalin

There is a quote from Charlie Chaplin that says ”  Tragedy is a close up , Comedy is a Long shot “.  British filmmaker Armando Iannucci, thinks that is Bullshit! Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet union for thirty year and during that time he Killed twenty million people. Most films that deal with situations like […]

Summer of ’85

My mom dropped me off at Queen Park movie theater in Charlotte the summer of ‘85 one Saturday afternoon with my best buddy Isaac. I was given two bucks. One was to get me into the movie the other was for a snack. Yep. You could get that stuff for a two-spot in the 80s. […]