The Night Comes for us ( 2018)

You know we Action movie junkies are a jaded lot. Constantly having to wade through a never ending swamp of terrible films that relay on Too much CGI, shaky handheld camera work and Recycled characters and plots. So when we find that bloody diamond in the rough, we latch on too it and won’t shut […]

Episode 15 – Clinging To Relevance

The boys get brain jarred by the German dark comedy, Snowflake while staying in rare form on some of their least favorite films of the year.  Garrick fantasizes about Winona Ryder and drinks with Frank Underwood. Mark catches up on his holiday movies while Doug puts James Franco’s Directing Debut in check.  Imagine a group […]

Jodorowsky’s Dune ( 2013)

There are many legendary un-made films that people obsess over. Stanley Kubrick’s “Napoleon”, Orson Welles’ “Heart of Darkness” or Tim Burton’s “Superman lives”. However there is one that towers over the rest . Because even today no one has made a film that has the unmitigated insanity that was almost unleashed upon the world in […]

Episode 14 – The First Very Merry Christmas Special

Ho, Ho, Ho, the boys are drinking tequila and talking holidays on The Midnight Drive In Xmas Special! A Finnish Santa Claus Movie thrills while a Travis Bickle Type Christmas Evil chills. Find out The “Best Of” Christmas movies and learn why A Christmas Story is the image of Christmas for these old dinosaurs. Garrick […]

Episode 12 – Delicious Necks & Dark Shadows

Guard you neck, we are discussing everything Kindred. Kathryn Bigelow’s directing debut about vagabond vampires, Near Dark, is on the hot seat while the boys try to get Garrick to understand that vampires do not exist. We learn about skiing with Shannon Tweed and the boys rely on Doug for the weekly run down because […]