Episode 22 – Don’t Eat The Pusstard

Get the barf bags out because Peter Jackson’s Orgy of Blood, Dead Alive is front and center tonight on the second installment of “Death and Dismemberment.”  Dry Heaves and turnaways fill the hour of carnage as we ask the question: Can directors get back to their roots? In addition, Garrick pisses on Hangman, Doug gets […]

Deathgasm ( 2015 )

After losing his parents teenage outcast and heavy metal fan Brodie is forced to live with his strict uncle. Depressed and alone Brodie makes a new family by starting the band DEATHGASM ( spelled that way because lower case is for pussies ), also he brings about a demonic apocalypse. There is a gift filmmakers […]

Raw Meat ( 1972 )

Most old school British Horror films tended to focus on either Gothic castles and creatures from classic literature or occult thrillers set in the English countryside. However in the early 1970’s an american documentary filmmaker brought British horror into the twentieth century and away from the supernatural, With a tale of modern day cannibals ( […]

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

Gévaudan, France 1764, women and children are being attacked and killed by a viscous Beast. When the attacks finally stopped three years later, there would be over 200 victims left maimed or dead. Historians have argued for years weather the “beast” in question was a Wolf, a Wild dog or a Lion that escaped while […]

The King Of the Kickboxers(1991)

To say that this film is a Ripoff of the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme Film ” Kickboxer ” would be a bit of a understatement. But let me ask you this… Does “Kickboxer” Have a Criminal syndicate that makes ” Kung Fu Snuff Films” where people get hung on Meat Hooks ? I thought not! […]

The Exterminator ( 1980 )

You often hear people say ” you could never make this movie today! “. In the case of the 1980 Revenge thriller the Exterminator, they’re right! The film opens during the Vietnam war with two best friends , John Eastland and Michael Jefferson being rescued . The only survivors of a violent ambush. Years later […]