Episode 25 – Who Shot Ya’?

The boys go 90’s Gangster this month with the first of 3 influential  crime films that brought Hip Hop to the forefront in Cinema. The film is Christopher Walken’s masterpiece, King of New York. Garrick discusses the Biggie/Tupac Mystery while Doug talks Ninja Assassin. Lee talks about the film title, “The Movie Made For Lee […]

Fear City ( 1984 )

One of the things I love about Genre movies is that they can be a time capsule for when they were made. Abel Ferrara’s FEAR CITY is pure uncut 1984 insanity. Its dark, violent, scummy and mean as hell… and I love every minute of it! https://moviegeek79-blog.tumblr.com/post/183476381414 Tom Berenger stars as Matt Rossi a former […]

The First time I saw Goodfellas!

I know I’d go from rags to riches…Once the ambiguous opening scene fades and this song blares, I knew I was in for something unlike anything I had ever experienced before. This is Goodfellas, the true-ish gangster tale from Martin Scorcese about the rise and fall of Henry Hill and his gang. The first time […]

Episode 23 – The Tip of the Story

Body Parts, Jailhouse Tats, Lone Star and another kind of member fill the airwaves of this week’s show. The boys discuss the “film vs. television movie” controversy and the Oscar controversy while giving credit where credit is due. The Death and Dismemberment takes a bow with a bang on this action packed episode.  Subscribe on […]