Ninja II : Shadow of a Tear ( 2013 )

I know what some of you are thinking ” but Lee I didn’t see Ninja part 1 ” .

It doesn’t matter , while 2009’s Ninja is a very well made action movie , part 2 leaves it in the dust!

( also there are very few call backs to the original, so you can watch the sequel without missing a beat )

The story is simple…

Casey Bowman ( Scott Adkins ) lives a simple life running a Ninjutsu school in Japan with his wife Namiko , who is pregnant with their first child.

One night while out getting his wife some snacks. Two punks attempt to mug Casey, after making quick work of them he returns home to find his wife brutally murdered.

The only clue are the X shaped cuts around her neck, made with a chain whip made with barbed wire!

Casey discovers that this is the signature weapon of Goro, a drug kingpin from southeast Asia.

Decades prior Goro vowed to destroy the Ninja clan after Casey’s master killed Goro’s brother during their failed attempt to take over the school.

Casey travels to Thailand where he meets up with his brother in law Nakabara ( played by Kane Kosugi , the son of Enter the ninja star Sho Kosugi ) .

There he seeks out Goro and his revenge !

So if you miss old school action movies with cool characters , bad-ass weapons and practical action that isn’t overpowered by CGI then NINJA 2 : SHADOW OF A TEAR is for you !

Its available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

On a side note …

Can you think of anyone better to play Johnny Cage in the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie than Scott Adkins?

I didn’t think so.

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