My Journey Back To Westeros – Part 1

Garrick’s hypothesis on the Game of Thrones Legacy Continues

At the half way point of my journey back through Westeros, I have found a whole different piece of land that needed exploration. I was turned on to the actual George RR Martin books.   I just finished the second book, CLASH OF KINGS and ironically it may be the first piece of visual media work that isn’t or can’t be classified as, “not as good as the book.” 

In fact, the show is the book to the tooth. Even the dialogue in the book is exactly what you hear on the screen. It’s truly uncanny. The only alteration the HBO special made from the second season was the death of the Renly’s second hand man at Storm’s End. It was the devil spawn from Melisandre’s wound that did the deed, but even then it was assumed Renly was ordered the same fate only a few pages before. 

Some of it, has me reinvigorated in the art of fantasy story telling, other moments have me screaming for a flagging of wine.  George RR Martin’s masterpiece is laid out word for word. Game of Thrones ends at season one, and Clash ends at season two. Now I begin book three, Storm of Swords but of course, am already at season five on the Weiss/Sweeney spitting image companion. 700 – 1100 pages is a bit more coarse to terrain than trekking your finger over to the play button. 

The hypothesis I’m creating is a hypothesis that I already have analyzed and executed but have not had the data to back up. RR Martin’s material was never tampered with however there will be massive shoes to fill as the final page of “Dance with Dragons,” is read and the writers you know have to really do what they do which is actually write instead of transcribe.  RR Martin never finished his masterpiece and like I who can’t keep up on the page to screen, neither could Martin’s resolution and winter is coming…. Or well, adaption will become original soon enough for the writers of the show. We know how that goes.  

For anybody reading this which I’m sure is very few, and is thinking about giving Game Of Thrones a go here is are the MVP’s and key episodes of the first four season’s. 




2 – Fire and Blood

3- Win or You Die

MVP –  Best Acting or Character  Robert Baratheon played by Mark Addy or Eddard Stark played by Sean Bean



1 – Blackwater

2 – Ghost of Harrenhal

3 – Garden of Bones

MVP –  Best Acting of Character –  Tyrian Lannister played by Peter Dinklage



  1. Rain of Castamere
  2. Kissed by Fire

MVP – Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke



  1. The Mountain vs. Viper
  2. Watchers  on Wall

MVP –  Best Acting or Character – Jamie Lannister played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Oberyn Martell played by Pedro Pascal

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