In the line of Duty: Part 4

In the last few years there has been in increase in female led action films ( which is awesome ) , but in Hong Kong 35 years ago there was an entire sub-genre of action films Known as ” Girls with Guns ” movies.

( granted today they would be called the Women with Guns film , but it was the 80’s )

These films are action packed with great fights and amazing stunts, that put many of the testosterone fueled movies of that same era to shame.

IN THE LINE OF DUTY 4 ( the story of which is not connected to any other film in the series ) , Stars Cynthia Kahn and Donnie Yen as two Seattle cops who are trying to bust a major Cocaine suppler ( Like i said it was the 80’s ).

When a fellow officer is killed while undercover, the two badass cops track their only witness back to Hong Kong . Where they uncover a conspiracy that involves the drug dealers , CIA agents and even their own police department.

This movie was directed by the great Yuen Woo Ping who is not only maybe the greatest fight choreographer of all time , but he’s also a hell of a Filmmaker.

If you’ve never gotten into the awesome world of 80’s Hong Kong Cinema , IN THE LINE OF DUTY 4, is a great place to start.

The film is streaming on Amazon prime.

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