Finally production has come back to Carolina….

Well, we managed ten episodes….. In that I mean, that’s how I will feel about production returning to my home state of North Carolina after the tax incentives for production were reinstated by our new Governor. 

Swamp Thing, produced for DC’s Streaming Universe, wrapped three episodes early but never the less wrapped bringing their production to Screen Gem studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Trouble on that set or not, I hardly doubt it has to do with where they shot it so if nothing else maybe this will be the beginning of production coming back to the Carolinas. My film “The Fateful Season,” with luck will film in Hickory and Greenville, SC, so I can use all the help I can get in restoring the film production faith locally. 

Swamp Thing is slated to begin running tomorrow, May 31st on DC’s  paid app.

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