Fear City ( 1984 )

One of the things I love about Genre movies is that they can be a time capsule for when they were made.

Abel Ferrara’s FEAR CITY is pure uncut 1984 insanity.

Its dark, violent, scummy and mean as hell…

and I love every minute of it!


Tom Berenger stars as Matt Rossi a former prize fighter who retired from the ring after beating a opponent to death.

He now runs a talent agency for the top strippers in New York City ( not sure that’s a real job, but its a movie who cares ! ).

Things are going pretty well for Matt, except for a couple of things. His girlfriend and star dancer ( played by Melanie Griffith ) has left him for one of his other dancers ( played by Rae Dawn Chong ) …

Also there is Martial arts expert/ Serial killer targeting the girls who work for him!

Oh and did I mention that the NYPD Detective who’s investigating the case is none other than Billy Dee Williams?!!!

As his dancers end up either in the hospital or dead. Matt Rossi, has a decision to make…

Can he still fight a man to the death?

If you think this movie sounds cool, IT IS!


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