Dressed to Kill ( 1981 )

There are a few hallmarks of the Giallo Sub-genre. A black gloved killer , female victims and a female hero, a cop whose way to laid back about all these murders and sexual frustration that erupts in violence.

Brian De Palma’s 1981 thriller DRESSED TO KILL checks all those boxes.

People have always drawn parallel’s between Dario Argento and De Plama. Two Hitchcock obsessed visual geniuses, who’ve both been accused of sexism and Misogyny.

However even Argento never had access to the cast or budget for a film like Dressed to Kill .

When Liz Blake (Nancy Allen), a prostitute, sees a mysterious woman brutally slay homemaker Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson), she finds herself trapped in a dangerous situation. While the police think Liz is the murderer, the real killer wants to silence the crime’s only witness. Only Kate’s inventor son, Peter (Keith Gordon), believes Liz. Peter and Liz team up to find the real culprit, who has an unexpected means of hiding her identity and an even more surprising motivation to kill.

DRESSED TO KILL is streaming on Amazon Prime and available for rent online.


Although in my humble opinion the Criterion Collection Blu- ray is the best way to see it!


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