Dance with the Devil ( 1997 )

If you’re a fan of David Lynch’s 1990 film WILD AT HEART , what if i told you there was a ( sort of ) sequel? That dealt with Isabella Rossellini’s character, the gun toting Perdita Durango.

Perdita Durango [DVD]

Dance with the devil ( aka Perdita Durango ) takes place a few years after Wild at Heart and deals with the Perdita Durango ( obviously ) , played this time by Rosie Perez

Directed by Alex De Iglesia and co-staring Javier Bardem as the Bank robbing, Drug dealing , Santeria preist / Love interest.

The demonic duo are transporting a 18-wheeler full of fetus’s to Los Vegas to be turned into Makeup .

They are being presumed by a unkillable DEA Agent played by a pre-sopranos James Gandolfini .

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I know a lot of the time on here i say ” this movie isn’t for everyone ” …

But this movie is for very few people .

That being said , if its for you .


DANCE WITH THE DEVIL , isn’t streaming anywhere but you can find the DVD pretty cheap.

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