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Episode 111 – Interesting Failure

The boys discuss James Wan’s new opus on their 3 year anniversary. They also revisit the first podcast movie, Ben Wheatley’s Kill List. His other movies are on the chopping block and they discuss the favorite and least favorite Sopranos characters. Enjoy this milestone episode of Tales from the Video Store! TALES FROM THE VIDEO […]

Episode 104 – Dead Fetus’

There aren’t enough dead fetus’ for Doug in the movie Perdito Durango which isn’t shocking if you know Doug. Garrick enjoys Jackie Chan movies and jumps on the Snyder Wagon while Lee….. Takes his girlfriend to watch Ghoulies 2….. On Date Night….. That’s right….. Ghoulies 2— On Date Night.  The boys are back and it’s […]

To live and die in L.A. ( 1985 )

A lot of people’s Favorite William Friedkin movie is either ” the French Connection” or “the Exorcist, … But for me its his 1985 crime film TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA. You can grab the awesome looking Blu-Ray right here.

Manager’s Pick for Episode 60 : Devil in a Blue Dress

This week’s Manager’s Special is the 1995 Carl Franklin directed noir Devil in a Blue Dress. Staring Denzel Washington as WW II vet turned P.I. Easy Rawlins. The good people at Twilight Time have produced a great looking Blu-ray.