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Odds and ends of the Midnight Drive In World.

King Kong Vs. Frankenstein : The greatest Monster Movie never made!

Film History is full of movies that never got made. Kubrick’s ” Napoleon “ Jodorowsk’s ” Dune ” Burton’s ” Superman Lives “ However None of those movies had a 50 foot Frankenstein fighting King Kong ! Which is why I’m not writing about them. King Kong may have been conceived and directed by Merian […]

Orange & Black: the Crestwood Monster books

For some reason the Library at Boiling Springs Elementary school, had a excellent book case full of what you could refer to as Nerd Fuel! One shelf was full of 60’s era Marvel comics in large hard bound volumes. Directly below that was a shelf of thin orange and black hard backs called the Crestwood […]

Movie Monsters, My first film Book.

I’ve been into movies as long as I can remember, but Monster movies where my first love! My folks did not share my love of Movies or Monsters for that matter. However they always tolerated and sometimes even encouraged it. On Saturday nights there was a local TV station had a shock theater that ran […]

Black Belt Theater, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

In the 1980’s Martial Arts were everywhere you looked. On movies , TV shows , comic books , cartoons and video games . Even in the classic toy line G.I. JOE, the two most popular characters were a couple of Ninjas named Snake Eyes ( granted a very American one ) and Storm Shadow. It […]

The First time I saw Goodfellas!

I know I’d go from rags to riches…Once the ambiguous opening scene fades and this song blares, I knew I was in for something unlike anything I had ever experienced before. This is Goodfellas, the true-ish gangster tale from Martin Scorcese about the rise and fall of Henry Hill and his gang. The first time […]

Episode 10 – The Lost Session – Doug’s Kill List Review

This was the original recording of Episode 10 but something happened 16 minutes in and the last hour was not recorded. The boys decided to cut their losses on the show and take a week off where Garrick completely rebuilt and engineered the studio to be “problem free.” When they re-recorded Doug did not want […]

Summer of ’85

My mom dropped me off at Queen Park movie theater in Charlotte the summer of ‘85 one Saturday afternoon with my best buddy Isaac. I was given two bucks. One was to get me into the movie the other was for a snack. Yep. You could get that stuff for a two-spot in the 80s. […]