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Listen the Show about the films you have never heard of BUT must see.

Episode 23 – The Tip of the Story

Body Parts, Jailhouse Tats, Lone Star and another kind of member fill the airwaves of this week’s show. The boys discuss the “film vs. television movie” controversy and the Oscar controversy while giving credit where credit is due. The Death and Dismemberment takes a bow with a bang on this action packed episode.  Subscribe on […]

Episode 22 – Don’t Eat The Pusstard

Get the barf bags out because Peter Jackson’s Orgy of Blood, Dead Alive is front and center tonight on the second installment of “Death and Dismemberment.”  Dry Heaves and turnaways fill the hour of carnage as we ask the question: Can directors get back to their roots? In addition, Garrick pisses on Hangman, Doug gets […]

Episode 15 – Clinging To Relevance

The boys get brain jarred by the German dark comedy, Snowflake while staying in rare form on some of their least favorite films of the year.  Garrick fantasizes about Winona Ryder and drinks with Frank Underwood. Mark catches up on his holiday movies while Doug puts James Franco’s Directing Debut in check.  Imagine a group […]