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Listen the Show about the films you have never heard of BUT must see.

Episode 96 – Diddley Eye Joe

You’re part eggplant. Don’t condescend Floyd and Alabama WOULD BE a great name for Garrick’s daughter. All this is up for debate as the boys dive deep into the Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino classic, True Romance.  Garrick dislikes Brokeback, Doug loves Reservoir Dogs and Lee tries to be nice to Garrick. All this and more on […]

Episode 89 – The Adkins Diet

Doug gets on the Atkins Diet, Trump is on the chopping block and which prison movie is really the best movie? All this and much more on this thin and compact episode of Tales from The Video Store. THEE MAD TEA PARTY ANIMATION STUDIO & TABLE ROCK MEDIA presents…. Apple iTunes Spreaker YouTube […]

Episode 87 – Gecko’s Balls

We have trailer park jokers, Borot Obama and Michael Douglas’ undercarriage smell. All these nice amenities wrapped up in a final Halloween special where the anthology film, Trick r Treat is the center of discussion. Script reading with alcohol sounds fantastic and Anna Paquin turning into a werewolf is better than fantastic. HBO MAX and […]