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Listen the Show about the films you have never heard of BUT must see.

Episode 61 – Babblebunch Cumberbund

Drinking and Detective work is the name of the game on this episode. Small Town Crime gets an exclusive while Dough botches names, Lee botches Ari Aster and Garrick botches the Aaron Hernandez Investigation. Oscar Snubbs and Movie Flubs are jam packed in this week’s TVS! Check it out. THE MAD TEA PARTY PRESENTS….. Apple […]

Episode 60 – Based on Actual Events

Head or gut? Dance a jig. Shane Black and Tony Scott’s opus, The Last Boyscout is on the TVS Podcast. Doug finally watches the Lighthouse and Garrick is a huge fan of Noah Baumbach. An extended episode of the show is here as we celebrate number 60! THEE MAD TEA PARTY presents…. Apple iTunes […]

Episode 59 – Come Back….

Private Dicks the guys discuss in this three-part series starting with the iconic classic that is Roman Polanski’s Chinatown starting us off. The Golden Globes, the Manager’s Pick and Lee’s Pick a Flick return as some new segments begin to take shape. From James Cameron to Inception, this episode is jammed packed with information. THEE […]

Episode 58 – The Decade Special

The boys rave their favorite films of the last decade and year while watching Cats on Acid and Ubering to the new Star Wars. This year end show is bound to put a smile on your face. THEE MAD TEA PARTY presents…. Apple iTunes Spreaker YouTube Our Facebook Page Our Facebook […]

Episode 56 – Goodfellas Part 3

The Goodfellas go goodfellas as they review the widely talked about Scorcese picture, “The Irishman.”  They analysis breaks down history, cinematic choices and overall performance as well as getting into many other films of Marty’s. Baby Yodas are in need while Daniel Craig can now eat whatever he wants.  A great new show is out […]

Episode 53 – Irresponsible Filmmaking

Boobs and Barbarians! Amulets and Realms!  And that’s just the first ten minutes…. The Video Store goes into the fantasy world of cinema with Conan the Barbarian and other 80’s Swords and Sorcery as they come up with ideas to make their next picture. Garrick introduces a new segment and Lee talks John Milius. The […]

Episode 52 – Muff ‘N Puff

On this spooky Halloween edition of the Video Store, the commentary comes from the Slasher film section as the boys compare the 80’s big four. They dive into Camp Crystal Lake and Silver Shamrocks all while, making fun of Garrick’s handlebar mustache. The guys manage to pull off a pretty Halloween-ish cool episode.  Movies Watched: […]