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Listen the Show about the films you have never heard of BUT must see.

Midnight Drive In – Episode 7 – 12 Years & 25th Hours

The boys screen Spike Lee’s latest BlacKKKlansman and discuss Oscar bias’, racial bias’ and what is considered trophy worthy.  They warn Mark of Happiness, laugh at Garrick for crying and give you some nuggets of Netflix watchables.  Doug and Garrick have their thoughts on the film, “Get Out.” Thanks for tuning in.  The Midnight Drive […]

Episode 6 – The Blueprint of Horror

The boys take the show on the road to catch the new Blumhouse Installment of the Halloween franchise at Golden Ticket Cinemas in Lenoir. Not normally touching on mainstream films, finishing the month could not have a better ending then another installation of the film that started the sub genre of the Horror Films they […]

Episode 5 – The Art of Drinking Bath Water

  The boys celebrate and occasionally slain John Carpenter’s Legacy of Work as Prince of Darkness makes the Midnight Drive In Exclusive Film.  Doug joins the group in appreciating Matilda Lutz.  And Garrick is in rare form as he and Lee debate Art vs. Entertainment while Mark reminds us all of why he is not […]

Episode 4 – There’s Always Barber College

  The boys review Nick Cage’s new film, Mandy while discussing his best and worst films. The children and horror film debate continues. Garrick realizes he is hosting a show about films and can’t pronounce foreign directors and actors’ names. Time for an education. Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse is spotlighted in The Drive In Revisit and […]

Episode 3 – An Index Finger To The Forehead

Don’t believe the hype that is Hereditary. Lee envy’s the bird in it. Find out why. Mark is introduced to Rob Zombie Films as a field day is had with, “The Devil’s Rejects.’ Garrick loves Dirty Dancing. And the morally reprehensible ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ pushes the disgust mechanism on Lee and Garrick’s Gore ingestion machine. Podcast […]