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Every week Lee gives you a video rental gem to check out.

Raw Meat ( 1972 )

Most old school British Horror films tended to focus on either Gothic castles and creatures from classic literature or occult thrillers set in the English countryside. However in the early 1970’s an american documentary filmmaker brought British horror into the twentieth century and away from the supernatural, With a tale of modern day cannibals ( […]

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

Gévaudan, France 1764, women and children are being attacked and killed by a viscous Beast. When the attacks finally stopped three years later, there would be over 200 victims left maimed or dead. Historians have argued for years weather the “beast” in question was a Wolf, a Wild dog or a Lion that escaped while […]

The King Of the Kickboxers(1991)

To say that this film is a Ripoff of the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme Film ” Kickboxer ” would be a bit of a understatement. But let me ask you this… Does “Kickboxer” Have a Criminal syndicate that makes ” Kung Fu Snuff Films” where people get hung on Meat Hooks ? I thought not! […]

The Exterminator ( 1980 )

You often hear people say ” you could never make this movie today! “. In the case of the 1980 Revenge thriller the Exterminator, they’re right! The film opens during the Vietnam war with two best friends , John Eastland and Michael Jefferson being rescued . The only survivors of a violent ambush. Years later […]

The Night Comes for us ( 2018)

You know we Action movie junkies are a jaded lot. Constantly having to wade through a never ending swamp of terrible films that relay on Too much CGI, shaky handheld camera work and Recycled characters and plots. So when we find that bloody diamond in the rough, we latch on too it and won’t shut […]

Jodorowsky’s Dune ( 2013)

There are many legendary un-made films that people obsess over. Stanley Kubrick’s “Napoleon”, Orson Welles’ “Heart of Darkness” or Tim Burton’s “Superman lives”. However there is one that towers over the rest . Because even today no one has made a film that has the unmitigated insanity that was almost unleashed upon the world in […]