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1980’s Sword and Sorcery movies , Streaming now!

Since we’re covering Sword and Sorcery movies this month , here is a quick list of films that you can watch online now . 1- SORCERESS If an article about movies that were inspired by the success, or just outright ripped off another film , doesn’t include at least one movie produced by the great […]

1981, the year of the slasher!

While the Slasher sub-genre got kicked off properly in 1978 with the release of John Carpenters Halloween, and Kicked into high gear in 1980 when Friday the 13th Hit theaters. It wasn’t until one year later when the Slasher cemented itself as the Horror Sub-genre of the Decade. By the end of the year 25 […]

80’s Horror Gems on Amazon Prime

In the 1980’s Video stores were everywhere, and if you were a horror fan . There was no greater thrill than roaming the aisle of your local rental place and searching for that awesome scary movie ( with equally awesome box art ) that you’ve never seen before , or that you’ve seen 100 times […]

The Last Minute ( 2001 )

In 1998 British special effects artists/ filmmaker Stephen Norrington directed Blade, The First successful Live action adaptation of a Marvel Comics Character. I’d imagine after that he had his pick of big budget projects to chose from. Instead he went back to England and made the Last Minute. This isn’t a film that lends itself […]

The Stranger and the Gunfighter ( 1976 )

twards the end of the Usually this is where I write something something to convince you to check this movie out … but if this trailer didn’t do the trick, I don’t think there is anything I can say to change your mind. THE STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER is streaming on Amazon Prime, although […]

Seraphim Falls ( 2006 )

It’s strange that a movie with two big stars could fall through the cracks , but that’s exactly what happened in 2006. Seraphim Falls feels like it takes place in the same world that 1973 Clint Eastwood film High Plains . Violent , Beautiful and Vaguely supernatural. This film may have been too odd to […]