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1980’s Sword and Sorcery movies , Streaming now!

Since we’re covering Sword and Sorcery movies this month , here is a quick list of films that you can watch online now . 1- SORCERESS If an article about movies that were inspired by the success, or just outright ripped off another film , doesn’t include at least one movie produced by the great […]

1981, the year of the slasher!

While the Slasher sub-genre got kicked off properly in 1978 with the release of John Carpenters Halloween, and Kicked into high gear in 1980 when Friday the 13th Hit theaters. It wasn’t until one year later when the Slasher cemented itself as the Horror Sub-genre of the Decade. By the end of the year 25 […]

80’s Horror Gems on Amazon Prime

In the 1980’s Video stores were everywhere, and if you were a horror fan . There was no greater thrill than roaming the aisle of your local rental place and searching for that awesome scary movie ( with equally awesome box art ) that you’ve never seen before , or that you’ve seen 100 times […]

King Kong Vs. Frankenstein : The greatest Monster Movie never made!

Film History is full of movies that never got made. Kubrick’s ” Napoleon “ Jodorowsk’s ” Dune ” Burton’s ” Superman Lives “ However None of those movies had a 50 foot Frankenstein fighting King Kong ! Which is why I’m not writing about them. King Kong may have been conceived and directed by Merian […]

Orange & Black: the Crestwood Monster books

For some reason the Library at Boiling Springs Elementary school, had a excellent book case full of what you could refer to as Nerd Fuel! One shelf was full of 60’s era Marvel comics in large hard bound volumes. Directly below that was a shelf of thin orange and black hard backs called the Crestwood […]

Movie Monsters, My first film Book.

I’ve been into movies as long as I can remember, but Monster movies where my first love! My folks did not share my love of Movies or Monsters for that matter. However they always tolerated and sometimes even encouraged it. On Saturday nights there was a local TV station had a shock theater that ran […]

Finally production has come back to Carolina….

Well, we managed ten episodes….. In that I mean, that’s how I will feel about production returning to my home state of North Carolina after the tax incentives for production were reinstated by our new Governor.  Swamp Thing, produced for DC’s Streaming Universe, wrapped three episodes early but never the less wrapped bringing their production […]

Black Belt Theater, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

In the 1980’s Martial Arts were everywhere you looked. On movies , TV shows , comic books , cartoons and video games . Even in the classic toy line G.I. JOE, the two most popular characters were a couple of Ninjas named Snake Eyes ( granted a very American one ) and Storm Shadow. It […]