Cast a deadly spell ( 1991 )

On the list of actors who should have been a bigger star, Fred Ward is right at the top. Appearing in everything from The Right Stuff to Tremors, He always seemed to be just one great role away from stardom.

One of only times he was given a shot at a lead role was in 1991’s Hard Boiled Detective / Supernatural Horror hybrid CAST A DEADLY SPELL.

( His other leading role was in Remo Williams : the Adventure Begins, But that’s another article for another day )

This film follows the classic Noir formula of a Gumshoe, taking a case and getting in over his head with Gangsters and a Femm Fatal.

Only this time it also involves Monsters ,Witches , a very nasty Gargoyle and a Warlock, hellbent of bringing about the Apocalypse!

It was made by Pre-Sopranos HBO, so it hasn’t been on home video since VHS. Luckily for us a pristine print is streaming on Amazon prime and HBO Go right Now.

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