Brain dead ( 1990 )

With the success of shows like Black Mirror and the return of the Twilight Zone, people seem to be in the mood for downbeat Science fiction that makes you think.

If stories like that are up your alley then you might want to try this low budget medical horror film from 1990…


Charles Beaumont was a storytelling genius. In his thirty eight years he wrote novels , short stories , comic books and film & TV scripts. He’s most well know as the writer of 22 episodes of the original twilight zone ( including my all-time favorite episode ” The Howling Man ” )

Although in the mid sixties he began to suffer from a mix of mental and physical degenerative diseases and by 1967 he was dead

The story concerns a young Brain surgeon who develops a new procedure where you can literately remove metal illness via surgery, and craft a different personality.

Only to lose his grip on reality when he begins to doubt, if he’s the doctor or the patient.

Brain Dead sat in a closet of un-produced scripts for 30 years until B-movie king Roger Corman decided to make it in the early 90’s.

While this film won’t be for everyone, those who like their minds bent a little by movies will dig it!

Brain Dead is Streaming on Amazon Prime.

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