Blood Thirsty Commentary

So as you will find out on the next episode of the Midnight Drive In, I am a huge Vampire fan. There are very few vampire films I have not seen and although I am still ingesting countless books, audio tapes and other lore to quench my thirst for the “fangers,” my fascination continues to grow.   The fascination came from my love of roleplaying games. I am a Dungeons & Dragons connoisseur. When I am not playing the dark villainous Rogue who yearns for death, I am DMing, (running the game for you non geeks,) of a campaign of Curse of Strahd which you guessed it, is pivoted around vampires. 

I am also commissioned to write modules for other people to play.

Yes,  some men have porn, some men have golf, I have RPGs. 

Anyway, I began playing Vampire The Masquerade which is another form of RPG that takes place in a world of darkness based around vampires. The game is much like D&D but centers more on the story and roleplaying than the rolling of the dice and combat.  Since the first night I have been playing, I’ve been involved in vampire studies. 

My next screenplay centers around the supernatural and you guessed it again, Vampires, so this is my obsession and my “thing” right now. 

I had skipped over the show True Blood back in the day. I had seen a couple of shows at my girlfriend’s house but she dumped midway through the second season and I was poor and couldn’t afford cable at the time, let alone HBO. 

So of course, True Blood was on tap first to watch when my “turn” took place. I’ll leave the review for one of the shows but let’s just say you could probably do Season 1-4 and call it a day…. If you must…. Catch the last Season for the bookend……

However….. If you are in my business which is the film/video business, you must for every episode that it offers watch the series in its entirety with the commentary turned on. There is nugget after nugget  of information about production. From tricks they pulled because they were behind schedule to last minute location changes, you get a little of everything including insight and lore about the super natural…. It is fantastic from the first show to the eightieth. If you are fascinated with production, vampire lore or Anna Paquin,  the True Blood Blu-Ray Series pack is a must have.  -GL

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