Black’ 47 ( 2019 )

Walter Hill Once said ” All Movies are Westerns ” while this may be a bit of a oversimplification there is a certain amount of truth in it.

Westerns were the first type of film to break away into it’s own genre, and one hundred and fifteen years later. The Horse Opera has spread its influence to films and filmmakers all over the world.

While you might think the great Irish Potato famine of the 1840’s seems like a unlikely place to set a western revenge tale. The story carries much of the same creative DNA as films like Hang ’em High and The Outlaw Joesy wales .

The Australian actor James Frecheville is very believable as the grief stricken Martin Feeney, a man who fought for the English in foreign wars. Only to be betrayed by them once he returned to Ireland, to find his home destroyed and his family starving.

Martin Feeney is not to be trifled with!

However its the rest of the cast that really puts this film over the top. Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea and Jim Broadbent are all excellent and add great support to the relatively unknown Frecheville as the revenge obsessed former solider.

This great scene between Stephen Rea and Jim Broadbent really sums up the movie and the relationship between Ireland and Britain.

So if you’re a fan of westerns, and don’t mind some very thick Irish accents. you might want to give the Celtic story of lawmen and outlaws a shot.

BLACK’ 47 is available to rent now.

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