80’s Horror Gems on Amazon Prime

In the 1980’s Video stores were everywhere, and if you were a horror fan . There was no greater thrill than roaming the aisle of your local rental place and searching for that awesome scary movie ( with equally awesome box art ) that you’ve never seen before , or that you’ve seen 100 times .

Unfortunately these days video stores are getting harder and harder to find …

But that’s where Amazon Prime comes in, with a little searching you can find all sorts of cool movies .

Here’s a short list of horror movies you can stream this Halloween.

1- THE STUFF ( 1985 )

Larry Cohen’s the Stuff , is with out a doubt the worlds only movie about a killer Desert . The tagline is all you need to know about it.

” Are you eating it , or is it eating you ? “


2- HOUSE ( 1986 )

After their success with the Friday the 13th films, Producer Sean Cunningham and Director Steve Miner decided to movie in another direction with the 1986 film House.



Most monster movies have one or two monsters , but Waxworks has them all.

Gremlins star Zach Galligan has to stop the end of the world , when the monsters displayed in a wax museum come to life and start killing the costumers.


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