80’s Hong Kong Horror!

I’f you’ve never set foot in the insane world of Hong Kong Horror, Here are a few films to get you started !

1- Encounters of the Spooky Kind , 1980 ( aka Spooky Encounters )

If there was one man responsible for the boom of horror movies made in Hong Kong in the 1980’s it would be the living legend Samo Hung.

Encounters of the Spooky Kind, which he directed and starred in. Was one of the first HK films to feature the use of extensive special effects.

While these effects may look dated now, the films still packs a punch !

2- We are going to eat you , 1980

While the Cannibal Movie is generally thought of as an Italian creation. Early in his career superstar director Tsui Hark, put his own stamp on it.

We are going to eat you, Is the story of a young guy who makes the mistake of visiting a island where strangers are always on the menu.

3- Mr. Vampire , 1985

If there is one film that represents HK horror during this time period it would be Mr. Vampire .

Produced by Samo Hung and starting the late , great Lam Ching-Ying as the One Eyebrow Priest ( who is as important to the Chinese hopping Vampire movies as Peter Cushing was to British Horror ) .

The story concerns a Taoist  priest and his two bumbling assistants, who have to stop a hopping vampire know as the Jiagshi.

4- The Seventh Curse , 1986

The movie is basically Indiana Jones Vs. The Evil Dead …

If you need anymore than that , this podcast might not be for you .

5- Chinese Ghost Story , 1987

This film features a sexy ghost , a Taoist priest that burts into song , Zombies , a lovelorn Tax Collector and a Tree Demon with a really long tongue.

Its really as much a fantasy film as it is a horror film, but if you’ve made it this far you’ll dig it!

Some of these films might be a little hard to track down , but trust me they’re worth it!


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